Potentially, more nerves will need to be treated, and therefore treatment of the second nerve may occur, and some people need to have a third nerve treated, though this only occurs very rarely. In very rare cases, further treatment of the same nerve has been required. 

The price can vary according to complexity and is determined by the specialist in connection with the consultation and the follow-up treatment. 

Prices in Dk
Consultation 1.350,- kr
Subsequent consultation in the same course of treatment (up to 3 months) 640,- kr
Ultrasound-guided diagnostic blockade 3.000,- kr
Cryoneurolysis first treatment 14.800,- kr


Payment must be made by card immediately after consultation or treatment. 

Information about subsidy:

Most health insurance policies cover pain treatment, and many also cover Cryoneurolysis. In addition, patients can also obtain subsidy from the health insurance schemes Sygeforsikringen Danmark (Denmark), Sjukförsäkring (Sweden) and Helfo (Norway). We therefore encourage patients to contact their health or health insurance company before treatment.